Jun 28, 2010

I Wrote This For You

Inked a T-Shirt to help support the 'I Wrote This For You' Project, a collaboration of words & pictures between two people from South Africa & Japan, all done for you.

 You can buy it from Printfection. Proceeds go directly towards creating more beauty in the world.

Jun 23, 2010

I did the album artwork for Cubehead's eponymous CD. We wanted a traditional handmade feel, so it was hand-inked on a 94 year-old vintage book, with the liner notes written on the interior of the cover. It was then scanned + assembled to echo the original hardcover.

The interior of the CD case. As Cubehead mixes in video game style chiptunes into gritty DIY punk, we chose lettering that nodded to the retro 8-bit font of computer terminals mashed up with pixação elements, a raw + cryptic style of Brazilian graffiti.
The back cover, and the back of the book.

This was an awesome project, sweet to see it all come together!

Jun 2, 2010


I did two custom longboards at the EP!C Sustainability Expo this weekend. They are factory seconds that can't be sold due to small defects, and I was able to get them raw, right after they were cut. I then inked them and gave them a triple-coat of sealant. They look awesome up close!

This one of the Batterylicker was donated to the Createhive, to be displayed where they see fit:

And this one is mine to keep, or yours if you buy it!