Apr 30, 2010


"when you are this rich, m'boy, they call you eccentric!"

Apr 28, 2010


New collaboration with Mandy Tsung.
ink, graphite + coffee on 40"x28" framed illustration board.

Apr 27, 2010

2500 Block

Finished up a really cool new piece, "2500 Block". I knew as soon as I found the frame in a thrift store it would be epic! As the piece evolved, it was fun + exciting to play different parts in what makes a wall; tagging it with an oil pen as a vandal, whitewashing it as a graffiti cleanup crew, decrepit advertisements for things not sold in 25 years still visible, wheatpasting up DIY posters, angry shopkeepers trying to peel them down, wind + rain + time washing the whole little opera away.. building the yeti up was a challenge, with so much spackle + gel and miniature lines that get completely buried, glossed over, drawn again.. there is so much in the piece that can't be seen anymore, but those hidden parts still exude their energy and intent, each building off another. A wall of exposed secrets.

mixed media in vintage frame, 19"x26".

Apr 26, 2010


"Now it's time for some philosophy; that means lying down on the floor, thinking, and not talking."

-"Hm? Oh, hello."-"I'm practising drawing the most triangles with the least pen strokes."
-"Well, I think you'd have to properly define 'unfulfilling life' before you can make such a statement."

Apr 19, 2010

Love-Powered Robot

The investors were thrilled that our robot ran on love.
They took a dim view of it eating human hearts, though."

Can't win 'em all, can ya?
coloured ink, 4"x5".

Hug A Tree!

Earth Day is April 22nd.. show a tree some love!

coloured ink, 8½"x11".

Apr 15, 2010


The apocalypse was kind of a bummer.

Apr 14, 2010

Ghost Prints

Big news! I now have prints available for 'Ghost', and they're going for a measly $20!

Head on over to my shop and check it out!

Apr 13, 2010


ink on 4"x6" Bristol Board, in 10"x12" custom frame.

Apr 12, 2010

Dying Alone

A lovely ink cover illustration for "McFirth's Comprehensive Guide to Dying Alone" (Mssrs. Chop & Logik, Fleet Street, E.C. 1891), a handy & timely tome that speaks to us all as mortals. The expression is one mirrored on many when contemplating the inevitability of their demise; but as McFirth lays out his research & describes the structures of thought & consciousness, we see that dying alone doesn't mean dying lonely. With masterfully rendered Four Quadrant maps, he reveals death to be a sublimation & the return of our atoms & spirit to the Cosmos, and not something to fear at all.

He was subsequently executed for Hearsay & Aggravated Witchcraft, but his work lives on in this exquisitely-maintained volume.

Apr 10, 2010

Close Shave

That was a close shave.. too close!

Ink on Bristol paper, 8½"x11".

Apr 8, 2010


Ghost. Ink on Bristol paper, 11"x14".

Apr 4, 2010

Love Each Other Or Else

Embody a global consciousness exuding compassion for your fellow man.. or die!

Apr 3, 2010

One Hand No.1

Collaboration with Mandy Tsung.
ink on Bristol paper, 14"x17".

Apr 2, 2010


Just passing through..

going layers on layers over top of layers, tons of ink washes.

ink + acrylic on 16"x20" cradled wood panel.