Oct 25, 2010

Get Wild, Get Crazy

Get Wild, Get Crazy

Feel alive! Typography study done at Live at Squamish music festival. coloured ink on Arches paper, 8"x11½". For sale.

Oct 16, 2010

We Could Be Astronauts

Handmade cards for sale!

We could be astronauts.. we could be anything.

The fancy information:
It's hand-screened and embellished with coloured ink, on deckle-edged super-sexy heavy BFK Reeves cardstock. It's handily-sized at 5½"x4". Comes prepared with it's own envelope. Andit can be yours, for the ridiculous price of $5!

Perfect card to give to someone you would like to take a long spaceflight with, with lots of astronaut ice cream. And astronaut cupcakes.

All proceeds go towards the production of more cards, more designs, and coffee. And paying back Crispin Hands, he's threatening my kneecaps. Please help me save my delicious kneecaps. Email me for ordering information: choplogik@gmail.com

Oct 13, 2010

Stinkin' Emotions

Get yer stinkin' emotions away from me.
Lost Planet Airmen don't cotton to 'feelings' round these parts, son.
ink in travel sketchbook, 6"x5".